About Twinix InfoMedia

Twinix InfoMedia is an Digital Media Publishing company that helps enrich customers with rich and timely information and helps Businesses to reach their Targeted audience. Operates a growing network of websites in Banking, Career, Education, travel, Retail and Technology verticals.

Twinix InfoMedia properties draw over 4 Million Unique Visitors every month with over 85% of the traffic coming from organic sources. Growth curve has been consistent from the inception with Unique Visitors and Repeat Visitors growing month on month with high user engagement. User Interaction on our properties have been excellent with close to 500+ interactions happening on a daily basis.

Company draws its revenue from advertisement solutions, consumer acquisitions, lead generation, E-commerce websites and by helping publishers to better monetize their traffic.

We believe in the web as a catalyst to individuals and economy’s growth. Our Vision and Mission is to provide expert and timely information, solutions, and resources on a wide range of subjects.